Got a couple quick questions about my new cham...


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I just got him yesterday and he's a two month old Peacock (Mount Lefo's) chameleon and he's perfect in every way. :) Just had a few quick questions for anyone that has kept this species before or just anyone with baby cham experiance in general. How many pinhead to 1/8"'s should I feed him a day? Also, he has been sleeping a lot since I got him. Is it just stress from his new enclosure and his trip here or what? Even when his light is on he falls asleep and has spent most of today sleeping. I'm not too concerned as he had a very busy day yesterday considering he was shipped in across the United States but wanted to make sure it's not anything serious. Do you guys think it's just because he's stressed from his trip or what?
I will. He seems to be doing a lot better right now though and is seeming to be a lot more comfortable in his surroundings. He was drinking earlier and I watched him eat a couple pinheads about ten minutes ago. I hope it was just a stress thing and he won't sleep so much tomorrow. I'll be sure to ask the dealer about it though. Thanks.
Well he's been very active all day and there hasn't been any time that I've walked in and he's been asleep. I think it was just a stress thing, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on him nonetheless. About how many pinheads would you recommend feeding him daily?
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