Gorgeous male and female ambilobes

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I have a nice selection of male and female ambilobes. They are 2.5 months and have good size to them. They are already 5 inches(some more) and growing very fast.
Beautiful bloodlines abound on both sides for these gorgeous chams. Here is a wonderful opportunity to get add a showpiece male and/or to get a female to add some outrageous bloodlines to your breeding colony. With the unmatch coloration of the father's and mother's bloodlines, these chams will be nothing short of perfect.
PRICE: $150
Pic #1- sire
Pic #2- one of the avaialble males
Pic #3- one of the available females
Pic #4- dam's sire

Special deal: purchase a female and add a male from Amaze Jr.Jr. for only $175

If anyone purchases before the Reptile Supershow, I can meet you there to hand deliver your cham.

I offer a full 10 day guarantee and even better, life-time support for your chameleon. So if you have any questions 5 minutes after you receive it or even 5 years later, I am there for you.

I accept paypal, postal money orders and credit /debit cards through paypal. LOCAL PICK UPS WELCOME!!!

Overnight shipping is usually guaranteed by 10:30am. Heat/cold packs are used as necessary to keep the chameleon comfortable as possible. Please inquire about shipping costs.

Feel free to call/text or email me([email protected]) with any questions.

Thanks for looking,
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