Goodbye Jack :(


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Captain Jack passed away this evening, april 30 2009. It is so sad, its hard to describe. Our only comfort is that he is no longer in pain........... The last thing we did for him was attempt to give him calcium drops.......he kept trying to grab my hand to get me to stop........I hope he knows how loved he really was. He will be remembered as "the wanderer", and we will cherish all of the memories and smiles he created for us. He was my buddy when I needed him most, our Jack A Mo. We'll soak up some sun by your favorite tree for you this summer Jack. ;) He will be deeply missed, and never forgotten.

Thanks to all those who tried to help.

"You're in the arms of the angel,
May you find some comfort here"

RIP JackAttack.




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If I were you, I would feel so proud knowing I did my best to help my chameleon.
You truly are a great person. I'm sure he felt your love. I'm very sorry that this was the outcome.



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May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. God speed Capt. Jack.



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I'm sorry for your loss of Jack. I hope your next chameleon keeping endeavor goes smoothly for you.


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"Cry not with sadness, for they are no longer here,
But with gladness, that they were".~

Your pet lives on as long as you Remember him. My sympathy.


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I know Jack will always be in your heart. he was a wonderful boy, I am very sorry for you and Jack that you had to endure so much. Hang in there.


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;( i am soooooo sorry! man i really wanted him to pull through, this makes me sooo sad! i hope you have some comfort knowing he feels better now, and is catching flies in the big tree in the sky :). He was so beautiful, i followed his threads from the very beginning and i really feel for you, Hope you are alright. Best wishes.


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I am also sorry for your loss. Jack looked like a great Chameleon with an equally attentive caretaker.

I hope you are well.


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poor jack. im sorry for your loss =( this now makes 3 chams in the past week that i have followed, or know that have died. did you determine the cause of death? (dont answer if you dont want to)


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I am so so sorry for your loss. We all know you went above and beyond to help him and he is in Chameleon Heaven eating all the hornworms and supers his little hearty desires. Bless you.
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