Good or Bad Eggs?


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I was checking out my eggs today and noticed that some look different. Three of them are really white and the others are not as white. THe others also look like they have a little red spot on the top of the egg. Are they not good or what? Or does it mean they are not well calcified? It has been exactly one month sice they have been laid. Here are some pics. The last picture is the first day they were laid, they all look the same. Please help
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They look ok to me. How long have they been incubating now? As long as the egg doesn't collapse, it is still good. I have also seen variations in color and size within the same clutch, and have not seen a particular pattern indicating that one is more fertile than the other. Maybe some of the breeders out there who have had lots and lots of clutches to observe will chime in and be able to tell you more.
The only time I throw out an egg is when it starts growing hair.

I agree, the best advice for anyone with eggs is to simply leave them alone. If they're gonna go bad, they're gonna go bad; there's not much you can do. The more you look at them, move the container, open and close the door (letting light in) the lower your chances that they're gonna hatch.

They look fine to me, but with perlite, it's difficult to see what's egg, what's water, and what's perlite. I love vermiculite, and it holds consistant moisture levels better.
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As long as they don't grow mold on them, i would still keep them. Yet, i had one incident where my Veiled Chameleon's eggs grow mold but never caved in. 2 months later 25 babies hatched out of 27 moldy eggs. Most of them survive the first month.:D
Just looked at my eggs again today. I think they all look pretty good to me. They all have like a little brownish orange spot right in the middle of the egg at the top. Is this normal or does it mean they are not good? Also, what are the eggs supposed to feel like, hard where if you put a little pressure on them they will break, or soft where you can squeeze them and you can feel it go in a little? Thank you for any help with these first time questions.
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