good misting system?


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can anyone recommend a good misting system that is cheaper than the mist king? I have a repti fogger but iv read that, that can give chams respiratory problems?


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The Starter Mist King is $100, it is worth the extra $50 (supports up to 10 nozzles). I've heard the Monsoon is good too but have never seen one in action.

The Habba Mister is $60 but isn't very good, and is very loud.


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mistkings are great and without a doubt worth every penny. you can also buy an AquaZamp system which is as good if not better than mistkings since they now have the raindome add on. don't bother with the habba spit, it should even be called a misting system in my opinion

I have had really great service fromt AquaZamp, I do wish the raindome would come in black, but that's just me and like everything to match. If both the AquaZamp and MistKing are equals, go with Aqua, just for the customer service.
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