Good Gutload? Or Bacteria Prone?


I Work In A Butcher Shop And Have Access To Cow Bone Dust All The Time. I Have Used The Bone Dust From The Saw As A Super Calcium Gutload. We Sanitize The Ntire Room Everyday And That Makes Me Think Bacteria Is A Minimal Possibility. Can Crickets Internaly Transfer Bacteria To My Chamelions? Let Me Know About This Plan If It Is A Good Idea Or Not. I Know It Is Off The Wall. Thanks Dave
I assume it hasn't been cooked?

I don't know what makes the difference between what is acceptable for fertilizer or edible bone meal. I also don't know if this would contain preformed vitamin A or not and some of the sites (including ones listed below) talk about lead and other metals being part of the content. Uncooked, it may carry salmonella too.

Here is some information...and you could look up more.

I don't know what bones they use for bonemeal that is used to feed plants...but here is a site that talks about the necessary treatment before it is used...

Here's another site that I think is closer to what you are talking about...


You will have to decide for yourself about the safety of using the bone dust.
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