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Has any purchased a chameleon from RaysReptilia and did all go well? I was considering buying form him please let me know what you think. Thanks Amy
I wouldn't

I can only speak about what happpened to me. When they failed to ship I asked for my money back. They decided to keep a 35% cancellation fee out of what I had paid them. I believe that when they refused to ship it was "them' that cancelled my order, but they have still refused to return the rest of my money. Tara:mad:
Try someone else

I have only heard bad things about them, but that is just what i have heard, not experienced. What was their reason for not shipping the chams?
Tara said:
I can only speak about what happpened to me. When they failed to ship I asked for my money back. They decided to keep a 35% cancellation fee out of what I had paid them. I believe that when they refused to ship it was "them' that cancelled my order, but they have still refused to return the rest of my money. Tara:mad:

That seller has a lengthy history on the Board of Inquiry as well.

I can't believe I missed all of that!~

I should have researched them better. I can't believe I missed all of that. One post mentioned how fast they respond to your emails before you have sent payment and then don't respond or take their time after payment. It's like I wrote toses posts myself. Tara

I forgot to answer your question...after many emails, they finally said it was to cold to ship the chams....

Funny, because we were having an early warm spell, and had they shipped on the day we agreed on, they would have been fine. Since the warm spell was over after a few days, they would not have been able to be shipped safely for a few weeks, so that's when I requested my $ back. Tara
Not happy with Ray

Never ever buy anything from Ray's reptilia. He is the one who sent me baby instead of 5 month old. Also had problems with shipping and them being totally unprofesional. Hard to contact and poor solutions to problems. He has ruined my whole cham experience hopefully the baby lives because I doubt he will give me a 5 month old or money back even though I have been waiting a week to get the price difference back which he says is in process of coming to me. Wish I would have know he was a hack earlier. Its a shame someone like him can ruin it for so many.
Kalibr03 - Did you pay with Paypal?

I am going to say "the seller" just to be safe. I filed a claim against (the seller) with Paypal. For me it was a "non-reciept" which (the seller) has to provide either a proof of shipment (tracking number) or proof of a refund.

For you, if you used Paypal, you would file a "significantly not-as-described" claim. I'm not sure what they do with those. If they find in your favor...I think they either have you send back the item for a correct replacement..or if the correct item is unavailable..I would assume they require (the seller) to give a refund once you send it back.
I just skimmed the "significantly not-as-described" section, so I'm not sure of the details.
My claim was filed incorrectly on accident in the "significantly not-as-described department. When they sent me an email saying that they had denied my claim and found in (the seller's) favor because my item did not qualify for a refund under "significantly not-as-described"...
I was like "WHAT!":eek: My claim was a "NON-Reciept" complaint. I didn't RECIEVE it, so how do I know if it was "significantly not-as-described"! LOL:eek:
So I emailed the complaints department and they responded, apologizing for the mistake and refiled the claim. So right now I am just waiting.

Here is the kicker...when I emailed (the seller) saying I wanted a refund for not recieving my order..and finally got (the seller) to agree (or so I thought) , he said he would send payment on Tuesday...that he had to put money in his paypal account.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: I was shocked..(the seller) had taken the money out of the account and not even attempted to ship.
Then think about this..the only way that Paypal can return your money to you, is if it is in the sellers account to take out and send back to you.
Soooooo...of course (the seller) wouldn't want to leave any money in his account. Of course, Paypal can suspend or terminate the sellers account, but that won't get your money back.

One more thing...I just read an article ...."7 Perks of Plastic"

It gives all the reasons why a credit card is better than a debit card.
One of the BIG reasons is that you have purchase protection. They can reverse a charge on the card...or go after the buyer "for you" to get your merchandise. They mention that the credit card company has much more "muscle" to get something like this taken care of.

Funny how "the seller" actually has a site on his page dedicated to the people who have ripped "HIM" off.

Hope this helps....and stops future buyer from making my mistakes! Tara
Yeah - use a credit card when you buy something online - otherwise,
your'e taking your chances.

Ray's got some nice pics of his veields, but he's got the HUGEST bad
reputation. Never had any deals with im myself, but I've heard so many
bad things. Although one guy I talked to has seen his animals, and said
the veiled he's got is very nice. Still, just search the BOI on fauna.

I figured that's where the baby 5 month old came from - it's terrible, but
I've never done business with him, an djust after reading every post
about him, I suspected him. I wish people owuld care more about their
reputation. I wish people would NOT screw over newcomers to the
hobby. After my first chameleon experience (a petstore fischer's that
died in less than a day - how stereotypical of chameleons back then...)
I got a pair of WC veileds (which were THE most expensive
chameleons at the time), and then met an honest, caring breeder. He
was willing to help me out, and talk me through the early stages of my
experience. I learned a lot on my own, by making my own mistakes,
before I met him - including drowning 2 clutches (67 and 65 eggs
respectivly) of F1 calyptratus at a time when TWO WEEK OLDS
were going for $125-$150 each.

Had my first experince with veileds been something like yours (being
screwed over by the BREEDER!), I would have been totally disgusted
with the hobby. Having someone to help with questions, and to give
ideas is invaluable to a beginner. When I see someone take advantage
of a beginner, it makes me doubly sick. It's no better than people
selling dying, WC melleri and gracilis and dilepis as CB's to people that
don't know better.

The Kammers basically have as good a reputation as anyone in the
businesss. Nobody else has as recognizable bloodlines, and nobody
else commands such a price. You'll pay a HELL of a lot more when
you buy from them - more than TWICE the amount of most breeders -
but I have to say it's worth it. They don't overfeed their babies, so they
grow slower, and have a lower chance of MBD than many other
breeders' - and they show you the father of the babies. I could have
bought baby veileds for $25 each from local breeders - but I paid $75
plus shipping for one male veiled. And if I knew then what I knew
now, I'd have bought more!
New veiled

Yesterday I called my credit card company to cancel my payement to Ray. Hopefully everything goes good and I will get my $100 back. Once (if) I get this money I will be buying another veiled. Currently the pet store in my town has veileds. They were bought as babies and now one is pretty big. I am not sure where he got these chams though and only says from a large pet supplier so I think a breeder might be a better option. I was thinking about FL chams breeder looks beautiful plus I see he's on this site and seems responsible. Kramer Kreations have beautiful chams but only have babies right now. If anyone knows other places to buy sub-adult veileds please let me know.
I highly recommend Mike at FlChams for veiled chameleons. He has a beautiful selection and will take awesome care of you. If he doesn't I'll smack him a few times for you :p . Seriously, though... he'll treat you good. Tell him Jenna from Prism Chameleons sent you.

I got a week old veiled from him yesterday and he's cute as pie! I'll post his picture and the rest of my new ones hopefully later this evening. Have a busy day today!

By the way, Mike sent me the 1 week old veiled under my request to experience raising a baby veiled chameleon. He does not sell veileds at this age under normal circumstances.
Thank you all for the kind words. I have several size available. Let me know specifically what you're looking for and I'll be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Thanks again,


PS Check out our availability page at
Hmm, Mike, do you have any Male Fischers? I'm torn between a Fischers, Jackson, or 4 horned Cham! Plus I am on a waiting list for Calpysos (Jennas Ambanga) Ambanja baby! Chams are so addicting!
I have a male miniature fischers. I can get any of the species you want there. I'll pick you out the nicest of any that are in. I have a really nice Juvenile Crested Chameleon. Cristatus as well.

Call me at 239-560-5523 if you want to chat and I'll tell you all about all of these species.

Let me know.
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