Glass vs Screen


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Hello everybody, I am considering making my first panther chameleon purchase in the coming weeks @ the ny reptile expo. Ive already checked out several breeder websites like screameleons and flchams and other from the sponsers section and all recommend the same medium set up kit which im sure you all know by now.
I have also seen other members on this forum and others that also use all glass terrariums, which ive considered mainly to control excess water vapor from the mister systems from leaking onto my walls/floor and causing water damage which im sure my landlord will not like.
So what im trying to figure out is the following, should i go with the recommended screen type cage for my pet and use some sort of plastic aquarium backing to prevent excess water from effecting MY home or can I use a glass habitat even though it will reduce air circulation and possible humidity? I would greatly appreciate any and all comments and advice from everyone here, especially anyone in the greater NY metro area. thank you.

p.s. what are your thoughts on using a small fogger in the glass tank.
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