glass door replacement


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i have a EXO TERRA terrarium, of which the right side glass door broke
it is a 36" x 18" by 24" hi
the glass for the door i can have cut locally, its a 5/32 in and i found a local glass place that has it
its the top and bottom rails i need, and has to be able to accept the thickness of 5/32. a bigger throat would be ok, i can always use a shim to hold it in, and the caulk would secure it nicely.
it does not even have to be the length of the door [approx 18 inches], but at least 8 - 9" at the flared pivot pin [this is what broke] and that is the only structural stability needed for both top and bottom rails, i can cut down the old rail and caulk it in for the balance of the length.
i have been in touch with Hagen [Exo Terra] but nothing yet.
anyone know where i might be able to get the 2 rail sections?

thanks one and all
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