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Hi there,

My veiled cham, Steve, has got a touch of a stomach bug. It got really cold here and our power went out.
Anyway, I need to give him baytril once a day but he doesn't want to open his mouth for me, no matter what I try. :(

Can anyone advise me what to do in this type of situation?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :p
Does your chameleon have a stomach bug or a respiratory infection? Did a vet prescribe the baytril for the condition or is this more of a "shotgun" approach?
Make sure you don't use baytril unless directed to do so as it is not a "all-cure" drug and could cause problems in the wrong situations.

As far as getting the mouth open, it always works for me to press gently at the nostrils and do a mild upward motion while pressing. It bothers them enough to try to bite me, and thus they open the mouth. By the same token, I have had a lot of people that tell me that the method doesn't work for them.

As far as my experiences with oral baytril it is easiest if your cham drinks water (out of a turkey baster/dropper) or eats for you/in front of you, so you can sneak it in with the food or water. If this didn't work cuz my cham wasn't hungry/thirsty, my old vet had this method where you would hold him upside down (and most of the time this alone, at first will make them open) with one finger on each side of the jaw line.
Now that I have gone to a new vet, my cham is currently getting injections of baytril, but I don't know which situations would call for which method of baytril.
I prefer the piss-your-chameleon-off method too, but I wrap my hand around their entire body and gently squeeze. They almost all immediately open their mouth in response to the threat.


Some drugs can be injected into feeders such as superworms and silkworms. Always check with your vet because some drugs can build-up in the gut to dangerous levels with this method.
Hi all,

Thanks for the advise.

He has been to the vet and diagnosed with a stomach bug. No URI :)

He only opens his mouth a little bit when i hold him and annoy him, but I am getting it in.
I must only give him 2 drops a day - which is difficult.
Grab the chameleons gullet gently pull down don't pinch it. The chameleon will try to pull away opening it's mouth.
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