Girls have COOTIES! EWWW!


There you have it folks! Girls have cooties! And yes, they are ewwwie ewwwie gross! This just in from a young male Ambanja boy who was confronted today by not just one, but TWO of these menacing cootie monsters!

To all you males out there, Stay clear! Stay Clear!


All joking aside, I figured I would try paring this young Male Ambanja I have. He's yet to get his full colour in (which is why he looks like a Nosy Be locale, but his background is turning yellow), but at least he shed of all the Madagascan dirt. You wouldn't have recognized him from when he came in.

Anyways, I pop in this gorgeous female for him and he freaks out. He moved to the farthest point to her. She was even receptive and slowly approched him, tail up. After his little hissy fit display, she gets pissed off and starts to display back at him. I gave a chuckle, I knew the boy was young, but I figured he would be like, well, a teenage boy with a lock on his bedroom door!

I moved out the first cutie and put in another one. Same reaction. She was receptive. He must be Gay somebody else commented, but I hope hes just young and confused for the moment. I feel your pain Heika, at least mine will grow out of it! (knock on wood)

First female that was tried... Shes not ugly is she?

Here he is, the little butt head, cowering in the farthest point:


Second female I tried? If shes ugly, I give up!

And here he is fending the second female off:


Cootie Defense Mode!
I know this is kind of off subject, but from looking at your pics, I have some questions about cage set up. Should my branches and perches be raised above most of the vegitation? What was the reason you did that? Also, your enclosure looks very nice. Have you posted anywhere of how you made it or where you got it? I would like to have one like that. It looks very
Oi don't blame the girls, its just guys are stubborn jackasses that don't understand hints :p

ROFL 10 points made me laugh a good 5 minutes. bold, to the point, honest

gay... another good laugh.

good luck with him hope he snaps out of it. maybe in his "hood" all the girls were ugly so he might be shy??? idk
The plant is being left to grow into the cage. It is a shoter but thicker plant that the others.

View this post:

The cage in the photo is on the right side of the photo with the set of three.
The cage in the first photo, is actually the cage on the left side of the three cages. (I had taken the vines out to wash)

As you can see there is a variety of plant density, in all parts of the cage. My advice to you...? What ever works. no...He is just trying to be a gentleman, and not trying to get in her pants on the first date. This is a good strategy for an aggressive woman. I'm sure it will work out for him in the long run. lol...;)
Will...just look at the female's arrogant attitude...nose up in the air and wonder he wasn't sure what to do! LOL! (evil grin)

(Sorry...I couldn't resist!)
will its amaxing the change that a chameleon can have I told you he would be nice lol :p . great job with him he is looking very nice
Yeah, I thought Tanzania had thick dirt, but the shed on this guy was REALLY thick. I suppose being that it was the dry season when he was imported, he hadn't shed for more than a few months. The skin was very hard and tough, not white at all, not even tan, just brown!

Looks like he is going to have a high yellow background and some darker blue bars. You can see some dark blue radiating lines of a starbust pattern on his eye starting to form.

Thanks again. He's quite the character!
He's probably just afraid of commitment.... See, chameleons don't realize how lucky they have it. After hooking up, the girl goes back to her cage. It's not like people where the girl is expecting a kiss in the morning. :D
Your male stands on moral "high ground." Perhaps a proper engagement and then marriage ceremony? I like the first female best for the union. She's sweet and pretty. The other looks like a portly Russian peasant woman. lol
The best lineup of three comments Ive seen so far! Hahah.

Hmmm... I have some large parrot cages at work... maybe I should get one of those for personal use. Lays. Mmmm
I love these pics
he's saying - no, no, no - you little cradle robber, you!


She looks like she has a funny grin and saying - oh yeah, I want him!!

look at her go!


he does look like a nosy be! Much like my Cyrus, though he (Cy) is a little more sea green than true blue.
OMGosh That is hilarious. I think he is just saying " I am not ready for this I am still quite young I think? " * Looks in the mirror * " I am still as hot as I was when I was 3 weeks old!! " LOL well atleast I thought it was funny. JK JK

You need to come to terms with the fact that your son is gay.
C'mon....look at what He's wearing!:cool:

He is beautiful Will. How old is he? My new female Ambanja will turn him straight when she grows up lol.
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