US Giant Canyon Isopods(porcellio dilatutus) for sale, great feeder/CuC


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I have a lot of these guys available.

-They have been one of the best clean up crews I've worked with in bioactive enclosures. Taking care of poop, dead feeders, etc. within a day or two once established.
-Hardy, thriving in a large range of temperatures, along with both dry and humid set ups. As long as they have a moist hide somewhere, they do well.
-Not picky eaters
-Reproduce fairly fast
-Nutritious feeder, high in calcium. Chameleons love them IME and the largest get to just around an inch. The majority are about a 1/2-3/4 inch though.

$10/dozen+shipping (I'll send some extras too)

Feel free to message me with any questions.


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Just wanted to add to this... (still have a lot)

Anyone that orders, I can also throw in a bunch of the same giant canyons *separately(for free), but these have been living in a few flower pots outside. The dozen you buy are in a clean and closed system, ready to be fed off or used for whatever. I will mark which are which.

My chams have eaten the ones that have been in my flower pots before and I have added them to my bio enclosures without any problems, but i can see why someone would be wary of using anything that was outside. So I figured I'd add them for free since I have so many and if nothing else, they can be used to quickly start up a large colony if you want to separate the babies.
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