Ghost Mantids and Gems

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Hi everyone,

for a limited time, I'm offering this forum, L2 (soon to be L3) GHOST MANTID nymphs for the low price of $7.00 each or 5 for $30.00

this is the easiest cryptic mantid to keep. just mist twice a day and feed once a day untill they reach L5. then feed every other day.
temps should be about 74F - 85F. good for most Cham rooms or bug rooms.
they are eating Hydeis right now, and will soon be on houseflys. yet I have been able to hand feed and cup feed crickets and tiny supers to my slightly older ones. BB flys are best starting at L5/6. they grow to 2 1/2" - 3", making them the perfect size for the beginner.

I'm telling you, they are so simple to keep, you will wonder why you have never tryed them before. The Ghost mantis can be housed together as cannibalism is not the rule. Have enough food and perching places available, and you have yourself a breeding colony!

(shhhh, don't tell anyone....they come from Madagascar and central Africa from Cameroon to Somalia, so they also make the perfect natural feeder for many of your chameleons.)

I only have a limited amount and they will go fast...

L3 Ghost

L5 ghost

L5 ghost

L5 ghost eating a dusted cricket with some bee pollen and honey

extra special: Indian Flower mantids (creobroter Gemmatus)

a nice flower mantid at an affordable price. just a few L2 for sale. they grow to 2" - 2 1/2" and like flowers and sticks (fake or real). should be kept alone starting at L3 or L4 if plenty of food available. males love to show off by buzzy their wings and need room to fly away from the female when maiting.
temps should be about 74F - 85F with high humidity. mist lightly twice a day. feed once a day untill L4. then once every other day. hydeis are what they eat right now, yet they can be started on houseflys and small crickets/dubias buy L3.
they look a lot like Creobroter Pictipennis even at adult.
you should dust with Bee Pollen at least once a week when they turn L4 and above.
put a single adult in a closed vase (with some flowers and sticks) on your coffe table and you have something to talk about besides your chameleons...:p

L2 creo Gem

L2 Creo Gem

I will send care sheets for each once the order is placed.

L2 (soon to be L3) ghost nymph $7.00 each
5 L2 Ghost nymphs for only $30.00

fresh L2 Creo Gemmatus $5.00 each
5 L2 Creo Gemmatus for only $22.50

24oz starter cups w/ lids that have sponge plug (easy to feed and mist without opening the cup), some moss and twigs:

$2.00 each or $1.50 if you buy 5 or more mantids.

free bee pollen and honey dusting sample with every order.
shipping overnight only by USPS with heat packs.
paypal only. please PM for more details.

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Hi everyone,

only 7 ghosts remain!!! get them while you can at this low price.
still have plenty of the Creos.

here is a few pics of what the flower mantids will look like when grown up.



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