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Just to give you an idea on how well this vendor packs their crickets.

I live in upstate NY which at this point the temps are below zero (-20 last night) and the general area is an ice encrusted hellscape. I ordered a ton crickets Monday and didn’t realize the weather was going to be so fricken cold. I literally expected them all to be dead but to my surprise there were very few die offs.

The order had 6000 1/8, 4000 ¼ and 1000 ¾ sized - all packed in individual boxes and then inside another box with about 6 large heat packs and insulation. A top notch job.

So if you live on the east coast and are looking for a steady crix supplier then consider them. Early on in my hobby I would jump around from vendor to vendor and chose whatever one I was the least pi$$ed at. I have been using this one for a couple years straight now. Crix are always pretty healthy looking too.
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Thanks...I got crix from lllrep and i had about 50 alive..they were good about it and sent me more but i will have to oreder from there from now on.
I use Ghann too!

I have used Ghann's for over 2 years now and they are the best!!! But it is always good to oder on Mondays so you will get them by Wed.....always great cust sat![/QUOTE]

roo - this is too funny. I live in NH, therefore have similar temps and it is hellishly bitter today (-25 degrees in the North Country tonight!!!!) Anyway, I usually get my crickets from Premium (aka Russel's), but wasn't sure if he'd ship (excellent vendor, btw) so I hopped onto and had heard good things about Ghann's but figured NO ONE would ship to us and I would have to buy at pet store (ugh!). Darwin is brumating and with Cy's eye condition he is not eating much either but I haven't had any crickets for a few weeks. The one thing I couldn't find on their site is where they are located as I hate to order from warm climes in the winter - where are they? Unfortunately, I just checked again and see they only sell large quantities so I guess am stuck with the pet store anyway. Hey, are you interested in selling off 100? ;)

Hey, are you interested in selling off 100?

Well I split the order up with a fellow cham keeper and the 3/4 inchers went to him. Otherwise I would ... at least for you Lele ;)

Speaking of selling things Roo,

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I support Ghann's as well. I've used others in the past and the size isn't always accurate. I can't stand getting ones that are too small (or even worse too big so they are useless). Ghann's packing is also the best I've seen so far. I also live in the NE and as long as my delivery guy knocks to let me know they are here (which he doesn't always do - grrr) the die off is almost nil.
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