getting too hot


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It's actually getting too hot in here/there. I've had the heat lights off for two days now and the temp is still 30.1 degrees. I have front doors open 1/4 way and have fan blowing towards the enclosures...still same temp. I was hoping that fan would cool it down but it's not. Is that a big problem? I'm assuming that in nature they can not always get ideal temps either. Gonna turn on mister more regularly.


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Depending on sex and type of Cham you have 30c will be ok during the day. What's the temp at night? Extra mistings is a good idea.


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ok thanks i read 29. and the thermometer and humidity gauge
is in the bottom of the enclosure so the top must be more.....misting and fan

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if the bottom of the cage is 30C the top is potentially too warm.
I would put put ice packs in the cage (wrapped in a towel) and in front of the fan to try to reduce the heat.
what are you using to measure the heat? maybe its not accurate?

might want to get a digital thermometer for the top of the cage as well, so that you always easily know the gradient (or lack thereof) available to the cham.

why is it so hot? Is the temperature where you live in the 30s a lot? your forecast shows it as only 20C. does the temp go down at night?
if so you might consider buying an air conditioner?
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