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Hi guys,
I was jsut wondering if any of you knew of a good shop from which i can order to europe(with a paypal option), or is located in europe. I thought i'd order some vitamins, lamps and vines, they dont seem to be sold in any shop i know of in hungary.

thanks, bandi
I managed to find a reptile shop in the UK, they have an acceptable posting fee too.
I made a list of the stuff i want to buy, please let me know if you think i need something else too, so i wouldnt have to order twice.
Exo Terra Repti Glo 5.0
Komodo Sumatra Hanging Vine 23 cm
Zoo Med Repti Calcium without d3
Zoo med repti calcium with d3
Zoo med reptivite with d3
Small Exo Terra Jungle Vine
Lucky Reptile Photos Vine
Exo Terra silk plant Ficus
and some T-Rex calcium cricket food

Please let me know if any of this sucks, or if i missed something you guys think is important.
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