getting ready for my baby Ambilobe


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so on tuesday my baby Ambilobe will be here I am super excited!! I set up his cage it is full screen 18x18x12 and I am putting a picture of it up. can you guys tell me if what I have so far looks good? I have a couple of nice thin twigs for his mini clamps some fake Ivy to hold humidity along with two other fake plants and a live umbrella plant. This is my first panther I have veiled chameleons and they are all doing great! any tips? thanks


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looks nice! What type of lighting is in there to make your cage glow like that?
He/she will most likely outgrow that cage very quickly. how old is the chameleon you are getting?
I figure he will out grow it quick I have a larger cage set aside:) he is just over 2 months. the light is a 5.0 uvb but my cameras white balance was set funny when I took it so it looks radioactive LOL
cage looks great.... would def be good to know his age thou..... because if he is too small it will be a big cage for him at first.... also he may need smaller twigs he could wrap his hands around

but looks great!
cool! yeah he is just over 2 months a handfull of the twigs are small but have some fatter parts
I think everything looks great! Looks like you pretty much have everything covered, and if he is as young as I think he is (around 3 months or so) He should do fine in that cage, and since you already have something larger set aside, I wouldn't worry about it.

So what is his actual age? Was I right? LOL
Where did you get him from? RB or BB Ambilobe?
cool! yeah he is just over 2 months a handfull of the twigs are small but have some fatter parts

You beat me to posting LOL

I don't think the enclosure will be too big for him. I have my 3 month old RB Ambilobe in an enclosure a little bigger then that one. Are you cupfeeding? If so, he should be just fine as long as he can get to the cup.
from a member on here:) A RB and yeah I will be cup feeding I think he is going to be closer to 3months old
What do you have on the sides of the cage? is it that background stuff for fish tanks? if so, why? just never seen that before..
it is it's cause there is other chams to the back and the left of the cage thought it would make a cheap nice block
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