getting ready for a reptile show!!!!


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So me and a good friend of mine are getting ready for the Wheaton reptile show this upcoming weekend! We started making custom furnishing for reptile cages mainly chameleons. We made a bunch of custom perches with corian bases check them out and tell me what you guys think???


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Just some constructive criticizm here..... Knowing the Wheaton show-goers all too well, I feel that you will find the majority of people purchasing these kinds of things will be for other types of reptiles such as other lizards, dragons, etc. If you are trying to market them for chameleons, I would certainly make the climbing perches taller and more branches (and having said that, I really don't know how tall yours are just going by the pictures).

Also, I think you will find that you may have to lessen the price for the Wheaton market for what you have there. If you had some that had taller/wider/thicker branches, then you can go up in price from there.

Again, just constructive criticizm. I've been doing the Wheaton show for a very long time and know what people are willing to pay there vs. what they are looking for (and sometimes it can be very frustrating...).
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