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Hi All,

It's been a few years since I've had my veiled. I gave him to a reptile store in FL, before I moved back home to NY after school. I've been getting the itch to get another now that I'm settled back home. It looks like the cham community has grown ALOT. Well first thing first I had a mesh cage that I bought at Petsmart with PVC as the frame, never really liked it, keeping the crickets under control and away from the nooks the PVC made against the screen was a pain. I ended up fabbing a container that I kept in the live plant pot that they couldn't get out off. I see the DIYcages sponsor and took a look at their mid-size vertical, it says the aluminum screen is coated in plastic to help with moisture. Does anyone have one of these? If so how corrosive resistant is the cage, how clean is the aluminum screen (is there spurs that could hurt the cham), and last what have people used or made for their catch pain for the bottom? I thought about buying one, a lot less then the alternative of making one.

Last question, there is a lot of breeders as forum sponsors, I'm looking for a male veiled, thought about a male panther, they are absolutely beautiful, and the wife likes them (which is a +), but the $$ WOW:eek:. What is a good breeder on the east coast for a male veiled or even possibly a panther no more then $200.I'd like to get him young to watch him grow and get used to his personality. I've seen my local big chain pet stores have veileds, that shocked me, didn't think there would be a market he in Upstate NY for chameleons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
hey welcome to the forum
as for the DYI cages i hear they are good and i believe that LLL reptile has a pan for them. there was a thread about it not to long ago, try searching DYI cages in the forums search option.
as for breaders in the US im in Canada so i dont know much about them but the site has some great sponsors who i believe could ship to you,
there have been a few specials latley with cham and compleat setup i would definatly look at each of the sponsoring breeders sites and see what you can find.
price wise you can get a veiled here ( in Canada ) for about $65 from a breeder panthers are closer to $300, thats for males, females seem to go abit cheaper.

hope that helps a bit
The current generation of cages both from DIY and everybody else hold up just fine to all the normal conditions that cages are put through. You can get drip trays that will catch any extra water.

You can find nice Veileds from several different places. With shipping you can get the one you want, from anywhere in the country. Check out the sponsors im sure you will find what you are looking for.
Hey, and welcome :)

As far as the drain pan goes, I use paint pans under my cages. The enclosures themselves are on a utility stand, so the underneath is grated, and the paint pans sit under the grate, either on the floor, or for the cages on top, I have another shelf about 3" underneath the shelf they sit on to hold those paint pans. It really depends on what your cage will be sitting on, the size, ect. If it will be very large, and sitting on the floor, get some wood blocks, or something of that nature, and buy a shallow plastic storage bin (like the ones that have at walmart or even the dollar store, and slide it underneath. If the cage would be on a table, get a cheap table and drill holes in it to allow your water to escape from the cage, and into your pan, or tub.

As far as buying a cham, I'm really not positive on veiled, but I can suggest a couple people for a male panther. I wouldn't worry so much about location, they ship overnight, no matter what, and most offer an alive arrival guarantee. We have many wonderful sponsors for this forum that offer beautiful animals for a good price. You might also try the classifieds here on this site. There are many great chameleons there also looking for a home.

Good luck to you on your search, and keep us updated! :D
$200 is cutting it close for a male panther, especially if you count shipping which is in the $50 range. I have an ambilobe cross that was $150 which I found in the classified section here. The breeder's forum name is lancecham so you might want to check what he has available. I believe Kammerflage Kreations has some fairly cheap ambilobe males too and is worth checking out. On average, you're looking at $250-350 range for an ambilobe shipped. If its in your heart to get a panther, I totally say save up for one. It is something you won't regret in the years to come.
Thanks everyone for the help. It is greatly appreciated, I will probably end up with a Panther, my wife is obsessed with them now, she saw a picture of a Nosy Be then a Blue Bar, and is just crazy about having one of them. I will be ordering my cage this coming week getting it set up and checking to see how the humidity holds up in it for a bit. Plus it should give me time to save. Again thanks for the help. This forum is amazing I wish I found it when I started out 6 years ago.
glad to hear you are happy and made a decision. i just brought home a nosy be panther a few weeks ago, i cant wait to see his colors. be sure to post pics when you get you new little guy. it always helps when the wifies on board... LOL

Welcome to the forums! As Hoj said it helps when the spouse takes interest! Heck, my hubby walks in the other day from work, says hey and walks straight outside into my backyard and goes up to my cham's cage and starts talking to him!!! I'm like WTF!!! lol!! But its a good thing!
Welcome back! I'll 2nd mike's comment about checking out lancecham (never done business with the krammers but I hear good things about them to). Right now lance has a ambilobe male for 150 (I think) which is a great deal.

my guy from lance is doing great, colorful, healthy and friendly (I think I just got lucky on the friendly part). Also not only was lance helpful when buying but even these months past purchase.
Ive been dieing to get a nosey mitso, but the wife told me the only way id be able to spend that much would be to see the big screen :(
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