Getting a Chameleon Tattoo! = )


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As the title states, I will be getting a Chameleon tattoo this monday. I am being asked to take an outline or design all ready to go on the skin. I am calling all artists out there to help me out! I need someone to draw something out for me.:D
That's cool! But you can't take a cool photo of a chameleon in a cool pose and have them trace it? It's probably much easier?
Hm, I am planning on going to the reptile show this weekend. Maybe I can ask if I can take a few pictures and go from there. I'd love to get Hugh tattooed on me but he's still a little guy and doesn't have all of his colors yet. I'd also like something cartoonish looking and is why I need an artist. :)
How about this? Chamart.jpg
One of my friends in art school drew this for me to put on my snowboard. I think he's adorable, lol


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Take photos of the cham you want and hope you find an incredibly great tattooist with skill!
And post pics! Good luck! :D


Come on peeps, help me out here! :p

Ooh, also thought this could be a good idea! The bones but sitting on a branch with flowers and leaves.
I had fun making these! I did them on my phone so they aren't the best, but you get the idea. :)




You could always take an adorable baby chameleon photo (there are hundreds on here, you'd just have to ask the photographer for permission though) and trace that. Baby chameleons might as well be cartoons, and they are sooo dang cute
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