GEH been going for like 5 weeks, have a panther baby question


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Okay so my internet went down at my house and it really crippled my forum access ability lol anyways i have a question.

I think something is wrong with Omerta, but im not sure.

I picked him up from Lancecham i wanna say 12/1/10 and since then i have only seen him shed once... and its not like i havent been looking, his cage is literally directly next to my bed. HE eats 8-12 crickets a day and is definitely growing. Its not like he could shed without me seeing it. I check on him every time in my room. Plus he has one eye that he doesnt like to open that much... GRR

Anyways here are pictures of him. If my record keeping in my head is correct he should be around 4 months old. these are his colors 95% of the time, when he isnt like this he is a blue/green with whiteish bars. The only red ive seen on him so far was under his chin. He is a Lucifer baby.



This is on the same dowel as the first picture, so he has obviously grown a lot.

Here is the eye thing, his other eye is wide open

I think he is freaking beautiful, i cant wait for his full colors to come in. I just wish he didnt make life so worry some for me lol
my chameleon has had some eye problems. goo built up in one eye. i wet a Q-tip and gently rolled it on his eye. i didn't really apply any pressure. he pressed his eye against the Q-tip on his own. It did the trick and now his eye is fine. he looks really good otherwise. i don't know enough about the shedding thing to give advice about that sorry.
He is pretty:)

Can you fill out the help form?

Have you tried to offer him a long "shower". Its possible there is something in the eye irritating it and this could help. After a few tries with the shower or even along with the shower you can try flushing his eye out with saline solution. Take the bottle and put it near the eye but not inside it. Shoot a jet stream into the eye filling it up like a balloon and the let it drain. Do this a few times. If this doesnt help take him to the vet and if his eye seems milky you want to get him to the vet because permanent corneal scarring can occur if you let it go too long.

Since he is young I doubt it would be vitamin A deficiency. I do see you have a ficus. There are reports of the sap irritating eyes and skin. Its possible he rubbed his eye on a broken branch getting the sap in it. However, I have never had a problem with ficus. Ive used them for hatchlings and adults of quite a few different species.
He is a little beauty! My cham shed about every 4-5 weeks when he was that young. Don't freak you are worrying for nothing about that. As far as the eye, well obviously there is something wrong if he keeps closing it. Try and do what Cainschams suggested and see it that does not improve his situation. Good luck! He is gonna be a stunner!
I believe you and I have brother/sister chameleons my friend :) I received 2 female ambilobes and one male from Lance about 4 weeks ago. How is the eye? My male is having a similar problem, although it looks like it is the start of his shedding cycle. I'm going to try giving him a shower as well, just to ere on the side of caution.
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