Gay chameleon love


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Anyone ever heard something like this?

My huge veiled chameleon is in love with my male quadricornis. Both 2 totally different spoecies, both totally different sizes and both MALE. Everytime my veiled sees the other guy he starts impressing him, head bobbing and want to mate as soon as he gets the chance.

I used to put them both together outside or under the shower but now I need to seperate them!
It might be that your veiled is just trying to be dominant of your smaller quad. My panther was trying to hump large silkworms when I tried introducing to them as feeders for the first time.
I agree with Mike, they are staking out who is boss. Be careful and try to put them where they don't see each other. That sort of stress could be harmful.

It might be that your veiled is just trying to be dominant of your smaller quad. My panther was trying to hump large silkworms when I tried introducing to them as feeders for the first time.
He's not trying to be dominant, he's acting the same as when he wants to mate to a female. I know what dominant behaviour looks like. My quadricornis is not stressed by it at all, he only got scared when my veiled was on top of him, trying to rape him...

But as Benny just said it is possible...

I know how my veiled usually reacts to other male, he has then got a total different color pattern en also acts aggresive. This is really head bobbing and making impression to try get the other male to mate. Curling up is tail and stuf as well. :p

They are both in different rooms btw so they don't usually see each other. When I take my quad out to get him into the living room my veiled responds instantly from his enclosure as soon as the quad is in sight. He starts running up and down his screen terrarium to try get to him, even when he's at 3 meter distance somewhere in a plant.
maybe it's because he's a different type of cham....just doesn't know it's a male? i dunno....

what about people that are born with both sex organs? lol...and the parents have to choose which one to keep? maybe you have yourself a hermaphrodite? ;)
My male veiled tries to court my Sambava panther when he sees him. In an unfortunate escape, the veiled found his "girl" and got in the position. I walked in right as the panther turned red and hissed, at which point the veiled tried to take a chunk out of his tail. I guess he realized that ladies dont turn red and got embarrassed about the whole gender mix up ;) The panther had some bruising, but nothing serious otherwise (thank goodness!)

Dont let them be together. Bad things can happen.
hehehe, no but the did try to grab him :p

Ah well, I know now how I can get him to mate a female. I just pull out the quad so he gets in the mood and then I switch the quad to a female :p:p
I have to male chameleons close in age, one is a veiled and the other one is a panther, they love to sit next to each other and they do not react to each other at all it is almost like they are bfs
Hi guys.

I was so happy to discover that my Veiled male and my Panther Male got along. So I have actually moved them in together. They don't mind each other at all and were actually showing signs of learning from each other, which is fantastic because the Panther is not that tame, which makes it very difficult for me to feed him, because for some reason he can't seem to catch his own food. But now it's like if the Veiled can eat what I serve and crawl up on me, then the Panther dosn't think i'm that bad. So big improvements :D
However... They have only been living together for about a week now, and the oldest one (The Panther) is now a little to happy with the Veiled :( The veiled is yet a little bit smaller, but is growing really fast and he (of course) dosn't like it, but what I have seen up until now, he finds a way to get out of the Panthers grip.
But heres my question... What if he dosn't? What would happen if the Panter actually mates with him? Would it harm any of them?

In advance, thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards

the lack of the cask is interpreted like the other chameleon is a female, yemens don´t know there is other species of chamalon, kinda if it doesn´t look like a male veiled it is a famale veiled
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