Furcifer Verrucosus


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I'm in San Diego and was wondering if anyone knew where to find a breeder/seller for a f. verrucosus. I have a female that's about 8-10 months right now that I got at LLL Reptile in Escondido? I checked at the show at Del Mar this year but didn't find one. Would like to find her a mate. I will be going to the show in June so if someone knows they will have some I can wait until then. Thanks for the help.
FLchams has some adults and subbie I think right now. I have been very happy with my last 2 purchases from Mike and both were followed up with great customer service.

I keep seeing ads for Reptile Haven in Vista for oustaleti with a picture of verrucosus. They are probably over a year old. A mutual friend told me that he hatched a bunch of babies of both species from imported females, mixed the babies together, and didn't know which was which. :confused: Might be worth taking the drive up to see....
If you'd like to pick one up at the show in June I can ship one to Tyler from Bluebeast Reptile. He'll be at the show you could purchase one from him.
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