Furcifer Verrucosus - Warty Chameleon


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I just got a male Warty this weekend and got him set up at the house. I was wondering if any one out there has had any dealings with these. He is approx. 3-4 months old and is doing just fine in his new set up. Already has some amazing colors. He actually started eating about 5 minutes after I put him in the cage. Thanks for your time. Steve.
I am afraid I am not writing to give any great advice, as I have not kept a spiny or warty chameleon. But, I wanted to tell you congratulations. I am very interested in the species and think they are beautiful.
Was your guy captive bred? Where did you get him?
I wish you great success with him and hope we get to see pictures soon.

I actually saw those guys on a television show before. He was quite a character. He went after this massive grasshopper. His tongue hit and stuck. Instead of pulling the grasshopper towards him it jerked him to the branch with the grasshopper. Very funny to watch.

Do you have any pictures?
I am very jealous. You wouldn't believe the problems I am having trying to find a young captive bred male in England. I would love one...
BTW sorry I don't have any advice to offer as I've never kept one of these
Thanks for the reply. He's a captive bred and was purchased at LLL Reptile in San Diego area. In reading, this species is supposed to get pretty big so we will see. As for pictures, not yet. Letting him get settled in to his new surrondings for a few days before going hands on with him.
I honestly would think that their husbandry would be very similar to a veiled's in regards to heat and humidity. 90-100*F basking spot 80's for ambient and 50-75% humdity. Just a guess mainly because of the enviroment they come from. Resembles a savannah. Little to no rain naturally but they seem to take advantage of similar circumstances that veileds do getting water in the morning in the form of dew.
Thanks for the info. That's pretty much what I have found. He's in the same room as my two veiled. Male and female that are seperated right now and about 8 months old. They are supposed to get pretty large so we'll see how he does. I'll put up some pictures in the near future of all of them "the kids" after he gets settled in to his new place. Thanks again, Steve.
Thanks anyways, I appreciate the reply. I will put some pictures up of him after he gets settled in to his new place. Good luck finding what your looking for. Steve.
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