Furcifer pardalis - nosy be female


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hello, recently i got as a present a female of furcifer pardalis nosy be, she will be 2 years in feb 2007 she had layed eggs 3 times since now (to the previous owner). what do you advise me is ok if i reproduce her again (she is in really good healt) ?
Chances are if you don't breed her she will continue to produce eggs anyhow...I have been able to keep the clutch size low in panthers but I can't stop the reproduction completely....so I guess you have to decide if you want her to produce fertile ones (thus breed her) or infertile ones (by not breeding her).

If she's in good health then she should be fine to produce fertile or infertile eggs. I have had few panther females and they continued to produce good (fertile) eggs and remain in good health until they were quite a bit past three years old.
Kian, just make sure you know how much you are getting into before you decide to breed her. There are a few good articles available for you to read on the subject of the commitments you are bound to by creating these fragile creatures. They will discuss things like keeping your morals strong, how much money you'll spend, how much time you'll need to commit, etc. I can link them to you, should decide to look into it.
thank you for you help! the point is that most of breeders i know do not advise to breed her more than 3 times because, there are always problem with the eggs and the babies. i bread cams regulary but only african species.
I've bred mine more that 3 times and there were no problems with the hatchlings or the female. Keep in mind that I control the clutch size to the best of my ability so that each clutch is only around 20 eggs.

I don't know what these breeders do...but if their females produce large clutches I'm sure the female has a hard time keeping up with the nutrients needed both for herself and egg production.
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