Furcifer pardalis Ambanja blue breeding video (Full HD quality)


I just turned you in for animal porn on youtube:eek:!!! Pervert I mean who gets their jolly's off watching a couple of animals doing it doggy style!!! with that said i see humans aren't the only species that prefers that position along with mans best friend!!!!:D


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Thank you very much everyone. I'm so exited aboute this.
I never had reptiles before, but now i hav had them for 8 months, and it was time to put them together to see.

I had them together before, when she was orange/pink in her colours, but he was to young and scared at the time.

I am now preparing for her to lay the clutch of eggs in a laying bin made of dirt and sand mix. I use a cooling bag and a heatplate inside one of the walls in the coolingbag to keep a difference of the temperature in the dirtmix.

It's been nearly 19 days since they breed, and she is wearing her gravid colours and getting the looks like humpty dumpty :)


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That is some classic stuff. Make sure to keep it and show it to their kids. Look kids here is where you came from.


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how could you not clean the tank before you video taped them? dont they have windex in norway??? but in any case it kind of reminded me of my first honeymoon where my wife kept trying to run away an me just jumping on her and pinning her down while holding her by the neck. Cheers to you sir.


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If there is any comfort in me telling you, I wasn't actually planing the videosequence. I just got lucky consider it all happened so quick.


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Finished setup of my new incubator. 24,4 C* and 80 % humidity.
And now we wait for "her royal highness" Camilla to lay the eggs. She sure is getting lumpy and is starting to lay off the food. Eats only 1 cricket a day now, and i give her calsium dusted crickets and locusts every day. But she has made up her mind to just eat one cricket a day and drink water from the leaves.

The male is more calmn now, and comes out of the terra to me whenever i'm arround opening the doors. Today he ate crickets from a jarr when he was standing on my shoulder :D We are starting to be best buddys, just missing the beers :D
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