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Hello ,I was wandering where I could get some info on them?Not that I plans to try to aquire one due to my experience level but I personally think they are beautiful and one of my top chams. The only info is in the Chams of madagascar movie.Just curiuse and would like to learne mor about them.
What would you like to know about them?

They live in the area around Ranamafana National Park in Madagascar which is also the habitat of the yellow-lipped Calumma p. parsonii morph. Its a cool and very humid rainforest habitat. Furcifer balteatus are known for their exceptionally long tails which is presumably indicative of living high in the trees.

They were banned from export in 1995 and have since disappeared from private US collection. The Buffalo Zoo has a few that were acquired through a confescation of illegally imported animals a few years ago. They have one male on display but the others are behind the scenes. They're a very interesting species.

Here are a few photos:





I've always been fascinated with the balteatus species as well. I have a book on chameleon keeping that was pre-1995 and it talks alot about how parsonii and balteatus are similar in care, but differing in taxonomy. From what I've read, they require a cold period every year and enter a semi-dormancy like the parsonii. Based on that, you can assume that incubating eggs needs a diapause as well. Not that we'll ever get the chance to keep these beauties, but it's fun to read up on them.

I've attached a picture of the Buffalo Zoo's Male that is on display. (My submission for the photo contest as well). He was impressive to see in person, and it looks like the keepers at the zoo take very good care.

Hey thanks for all the info .For some reason I am interested in this spiecies .I espesially like the white stripe on them even at birth and the males nasal protubances. They are beauties and thanks for the pics
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