Fun in the sun


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Today was a really nice day. I got to take my two chameleons out for about 2 1/2 hours. I first had them in their reptariums while I cleaned both of their plants. When I put them back in their plants out of the reptarium they were going wild. They loved it. They were running all over the place, he actually tried multiple times to get out of the plant onto the ground. I was there to stop him though of course. When I compared them in size the male was a bit bigger. I know that it depends on the chameleon but do males grow faster than the females? Also they have shed the same amount of times but the male has a lot more patterns and colors then she does. She is always lime green. Does anyone have any good stories about taking the chameleon outside? Do your chameleons tend to act different while they are outside? Just a curious question. It is always fun watching these guys run around.
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