Full grown roaches as feeders?


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The box of roaches is overflowing.. I am going to set up a second one today. Anyhow, I wanted to get rid of some of the excess adult males, and have been giving them to my sister for her bearded dragons. Today, I thought I would see if Spencer would take an adult roach, and much to my surprise, he did! This was a calcium dusted adult blaptica dubia, approximately 2 inches long.

Has anyone had any trouble feeding roaches this big to an adult chameleon?



i dont think you should have a probel at all, but i also know my chams. have tried to eat bugs that seem to be a little large for them....They dont seem to care for how big the insect is, only if they can shove it down thier throats...
I'm not surprised either. If the is really small it might find it intimdating but because of the size of your cham I think it will eat a lot of big bugs.
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