Fry in the Sun (8 months) *pic heavy*


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Before we pull 'em out of his cage. These are his usual basking colors.

As soon as we were outside he threw out these bright greens and pretty blues :)

I really love how his spine is colored.

He just loves climbing around outside.

After awhile he kept looking for ladies, going from tree to tree.

I decided to try and measure him, I 'spose he's almost at 7 inches at 8 months old. Is that about normal?

He's goofy.

He started to yawn so I tried to snap a picture but its a little out of focus.

And this is him on my boyfriends shirt after he tried to escape to the ground.

How's he looking? I tried to get some good pictures of his limbs and what not.

Hope you liked the pics :) I'm no photographer and this camera was a serious POS



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I have a very strong feeling your Fry is going to be alot like his daddy. Theron shows similar traits. Either way he turns out as fully matured, your Fry is amazing for his age! He looks great to me! Those bars are sickly solid yoo lol. thanks for sharing such a sweet series of outside pix!


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Thank you all so much for the kind words :)

I can't wait til he's full grown and full of color. He looks a LOT like his dad Theron. But he has own unique little tweaks and that's what I love about him.

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