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I'm a Newbie.. So I'm so sorry if I sound a little "dumb". I have read all the basic husbandry links from the welcome email and a lot of different sources including a lot of forum posts. Which btw have helped me out quite a bit, so thank you. I'm preparing to step into the world of owning a Chameleon and before I bring home the little guy (they aren't ready to go home to new homes yet cause the vet wants them to be a little bigger). I am trying to absorb as much information as I can on how to care for this little guy. I will have my enclosure all setup by this weekend and the little guy will be coming home in 2 weeks (right now they are about 6 inches in length incl tail.)
My question comes to food... I hear people on this forum saying they give them veggies? The people I'm getting them from said I need to stay with crickets, roaches, and a phoenix worm, giving wax worms only as a treat. Which I'm familiar with gut loading crickets etc. But I was just curious on this veggies/fruits? Is it given to them as a treat? and how is it given to them, just dice it up into their feed bowl?
I'm new to this so any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!
what type of cham are you getting? my little veiled camo loves fruit and i have read and heard about veileds eating veggies. i dont know if other types of chams eat them as much.
i give my guy kiwii as a treat, i useually just cut 2 cricket sized pcs and them hand feed them to him. i have heard of others putting shredded veggies in their chams feeder cup and they get some when they shooot for crickets.
also have a cham safe eatable live plant in your setup such as pothos or hibiscus some chams ( again mostly veileds i believe ) will munch on then if they want. just be sure to clean and have the plant prop, prepared.
i too am realativly new so this is just my opinion,

hoj & Camo

p.s. welcome and be sure to throw up some pics when you get him
I have a panther and they generally don't eat fruits and veggies like the some of the Veilds will.

I have a veiled cham and she will eat mellon, banana and grapes! I have seen her eat the leaves on the plants too but now she gets a little fruit she hasnt bothered....

i give mine 2 little bits every other day.... i mainly give her the orange coloured mellon and she loves it!! i also think it helps her get her water intake too!

she does try to grab it with her tounge but it never sticks so i hold it in front of her and she will start to bring her tounge out and when she does i put the fruit in her mouth and away she goes!! i also soak the fruit in warm water before giving it to her :D
I'm getting a veiled cham. Right now all they are feeding them are crickets.. One little guy seems to be the runt, cause he isn't as large as the rest. I get pick of the litter so I am not quite sure if I pick out the largest or go for the runt. The runt seems to act the same as the larger ones he is just not the same length.
I am very excited about getting the little guy but I also want to be prepared so I can take care of him like he should be. I first fell in love with a female veiled cham. She was soo cute. But because they explained to me that she needed to be bred or she could get egg bound that steered me to the males. I've been working on his enclosure this past week. I am making his enclosure, cause I'm pretty handy and thought that if I custom made it, I can make it any size I wanted, it was explained to me that cham's liked height and like being above my eye level. So I took that into consideration when making the enclosure. This weekend I'm getting the inside stuff (foliage etc) taken care of and make sure the heating/lighting is stable. They told me he wouldn't be ready for 2 weeks. So it gives me a lot of time to get things prepped for his coming home :) I am just very curious on feeding... They explained to me that he will eat about 5-7 crickets a day but really didn't go into detail if you use other foods. Like worms etc. The did say roaches were better and that if I was to feed roaches, it would be only 1 roach a day and no crickets. There is such a vast amount of knowledge out there, I just want to be prepared so that he isn't an experiment of my inexperience.
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