fruit flys ( flightless )


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:confused:so at the expo i picked up a tub of these fruit flys from mistkings booth, it was so busy i didnt think to ask what if anything i need to do for them, food ect,
they are in a large deli container with a cloth lid for air, there is some weird lookin staw type stuff all throughtout the container and a buch of peanut butter looking stuff on the bottom, that i belive the guy said had magots in it that will develop into flies.
any help would be great ( i should have asked more questons :eek:)



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Yeah, I got a few cultures a couple years ago for my mantis babies. I didn't do anything, just left em in their cups. I would kindof shake em up before I tried to take any out, to disorient them and give myself a sec to not have them all come out at once. He also mentioned putting them in the fridge for a minute to slow them down for easier removal of some.


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Marty also wrote a fruit fly culture thread a while back explaining how to make them, you should look that up if you want to start growing some new cultures from this culture?
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