Fritz lets me hold him now


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Fritz is tolerating some handling now. 2 or 3 times a week he will let me hold him for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes he keeps ahold of a branch with one foot still but usually he lets go. Slow and steady we have been going and it is paying off. Here is a picture taken today.
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That's great!
Patients, slow and easy does it every time :)

Sometimes, you need to hold your hand and arm in front of them so long, it goes numb!! but when they climb on you w/o wrapping their tail around a branch (just in case!!) it's a wonderful feeling :)

Soon he will totally trust you, and will only refuse to clime on you because he knows you may want to take him someplace he does not want to go, like back to the cage!!

My guyz beg to be let out, and practicly fly out of the cage onto me when I open the door. But they know when it's time to go home, and they dont want to!! :)


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Very cool! I am going thru this with my male. He is very shy and will let me "act like his branch" once a week. This last time I got hissed at because he thought he was king of my head and did not want to be retrieved.


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I started out by touching his tail, and after like 2 months he would sometimes wrap it around my finger. Then I would just touch his foot, and eventually he grabbed it with his foot, and we did just those things for awhile. He had been cup feeding while I held the cup, and now occasionally he will hand feed. It has been a slow, slow road but it's worth it.
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