free range feeding

shane dewar

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i have a midlands dwarf chameleon and i have set up a free range area in my room,my question is what would be the best way to feed,by hand or cup(i am not to sure how to do this so please explain it to me)
It is basically whatever works for you. There is no correct way to feed when you free range I don't think. My chameleon's free range is on a large screen patio which he cruises back and forth on, on a series of nautical ropes. I put bugs on the screen for him to pick off or sometimes I will hold a cup up to him with supers in it or whatever and he eats that way. Just make sure the feeders are not getting loose and he is not getting fed at all!
I don't free range but when I was trying to acclimate my female to cup feeding worms I would have to show her the worm, get her interested and ready to strike, and then stick it in the cup. By that point she was already so excited about the worm she would ignore the fact it was in the cup. If I just put it in the cup then gave her the cup she'd just stare at it and not eat.
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