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A co-worked of one of my clients contacted me to help her find a good home for her Iguana. Her email is below. Contact her directly if you are interested and I do not think she will ship.

I need a new home for Murlock. I think the Iguana is about 5 years old, about 42" long and a female. She loves to be petted, spritz with water and talked to. Her cage is homemade and about 5'x4'x4'. She has always been kept in the cage, but with time out to roam the house or patio each day. The whole idea was to have a free roaming iguana. My live has changed and my husband will not let her in the house and she is a bit testy about going back in the cage after she's been out. She has never bitten anyone, but can do a number on you with her claws. (Although I do trim them.) The cage is kept out on the patio and I do cover the cage and have a heater and humidifyer to use when it gets cold.
I'm not looking for any money and we do have a pickup so I can take apart the cage and deliver it. My only concern is for a good, loving home.
Thanks again for any help you can give.
cell 772-342-6725




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