Fred visits the vet, bites off a little bit of my thumb:(


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Bit of an over exaggeration, Mr. Rogers(Fred) had to visit the vet today because he was developing an eye/sinus infection from an incomplete shed a few weeks ago, during the flush process he decided he had endured enough of our shenanigans and that I would be the one paying the price.

Fred has notably strong jaws, cleaned off the blood so the depth of the wound could be observed.

Alex holding Mr. Rogers.


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So that is what they mean when they say you are paying in blood. I have never seen the illustrated before. Beautiful boy you have.


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Beautiful looking boy, bad looking thumb :(

A speedy recovery to both your chameleon and...your thumb. ;)


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Fred certainly is a handsome little man. From the looks of your thumb I'd say he didn't like the vet. :eek: I hope Fred feels better real soon.


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Too bad he didn't take a chunk out of the Vet, he's getting paid to be there afterall...too bad you had to suffer the blow. Looks like he got you good!


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I typically assist our vets while they conduct procedures as I eventually wish to become a veterinary surgeon with a focus in exotic species. That being said, there is not a drastic emphasis on herpetology during the education and training processes, nor have I been able to find any systems that offer said specialties that are independent from biological research. So, the best method of gaining knowledge in the field seems to be first hand experience, and if the expense is already at my personal behalf and the well being of my animals, why not improve that knowledge base instead of forfeiting the opportunity? The injury itself was the result of me offering to secure Fred instead of subjecting him to the alternative of anesthesia. During the procedure Fred was able to escape both the cloth swaddling him and my grip, which was obviously not as firm as it could be due to the risk of injury. Once the front of his body was free he lunged and nipped the corner of my thumb, and injury that could have been far far worse based on his jaw strength, which happens to be more powerful than even our largest adult males. I am assuming this has something to do with his individual cranial and mandibular structure, making the force potential behind his bites particularly devastating. Either way, we were able to secure him once again to complete the procedure and apply the treatment necessary to alleviate his ailment. In the end it all worked out, his eyes are already doing much better and I am sure my thumb will mend just fine.


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Oh my gosh he is gorgeous! Why was he at the vet? He looks super healthy. Edit: oops did not read the whole post. Sorry! I see why he was at the vet
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