Fractal's vet visit today


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My concern for his inability to shed his shed was valid. He is now on Baytril and a super vitamin mix,which turned his helmet edges black. Wish me luck on the next 10 doses. The good news is that he totally behaved himself and the vet was impressed with his overall health. His fecal matter was clean and healthy. She says he should make 8 years old at this rate.
Wonderful! Thats a good life span for a Cham. I hope that the doses go well and he can shed without a hitch. I called the local vets in my area and none will take a look at Diezel because hes a chameleon and they dont know anything about them. Theres nothing wrong with him id just like to get a check on his health.
Diezel should you need a vet this link may help.

Theres nothing wrong with him id just like to get a check on his health.

If there is nothing wrong I would not taking your chameleon to the vet. Transporting and a check up can be stressful. Unless necessary it would probably do more harm then good. Remember even in a vet check up the vet is kind of limited to what he can do with them to begin with especially if they are small. These forums can help you to figure out if you are in a situation that requires medical attention and how to take care of them until you can get them there.
Diezel... I was panicked when I could not find my regular vet in practice and had to look for a new one on the spur of the moment. I think you are wise to want to take your cham in for a check up and get to know your cham's doctor. They actually have "pet insurannce" that you could apply for now before he needs costly medical attention. ( Not that he will...) But I felt sooo much better when Fractal's new doctor said, "Please, call me ANYTIME."
The first visit was 57.00 his fecal smear 10.00 and his meds and syringes 16.00
Just so you are prepared. I've decided to give Fractal an allowance. That way he'll have his own money the next time. :D
And NO I'm not sub Q-ing fractal. The meds have to be extracted by needle then I take it off and give oral.
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