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Hi all,

my chameleon is recovering from MBD and I have been force feeding him as his tongue can only go out an inch or two. Since I’ve been feeding him by this method so often lately I’ve developed a method that I’d like to get your opinion on. I open his mouth by force carefully the normal way and after the first cricket I let him begin chewing, as he gets toward the end of his chewing I stick the next insect in his already open mouth and create a sort of feeding pipeline. Due to this it greatly decreases the amount of times I have to pull his chin flap down and makes it less stressful on him. My only concern is - do you think I need to be worried about him biting his own tongue and making matters worse? He has a vet appointment on Thursday but wanted to get your opinions in the meantime. He is a 1 yr old male veiled, and yes I have a live cam in his cage :). Thanks!


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Due to this it greatly decreases the amount of times

But hes not gona bite his own tongue. And i use a similar method. On the other hand, its perfectly fine to treat him like a bearded dragon and just present him the food and let him stick out the tongue and get it. Many of mine had permanent tongue injuries, and they forever could only stick the tongue out an inch.

If he is willing to stick out the tongue for food, please get the food in range. He will try to get the food that is 6" away by shooting, then he will get frustrated because the tongue doesnt shoot out. I present the food 6" away, but then i hurry up and get right up in his grill with it when hes about to shoot.
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