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Hey everyone, just wondering about gutloading while breeding a colony of crickets. I noticed that crickets stay in the egg crates mostly and not too many go get food. My question is how do I know the crickets I pick up to put in my feeder cup have been gutloaded properly. Its something you dont think of and I was thinking about starting a colony.

Also, does anyone ever keep their cricket colony outside?
I do this with my Dubia colony. I keep the breeders in a seprate tank. Then I put my feeders in another tank. And they get the high quality food that the breeders dont need.
You can also get a small cricket keeper and the night before you feed or 4 hours before you feed you can pull out the amount you usally feed and put them in the keeper. Then you will know that most if not all in the smaller tank should have been gutloaded.
Yeah, I don't breed, but that's what I do with my feeders, I order a week at a time and they go in one keeper with my dry gutload & water gel or oranges for moisture source, and then I'll take some out and put them in a cup with my fresh veggie mix the night before. I mean you can't force feed them, but if they've had ample opportunity they're probably pretty gutloaded. And this way I only feed ones I know have had access to the good stuff. And don't waste it on the rest before they need it.
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