for the people who own a dragon strand / zen habitats enclosure, please show a pic of your drainage system!


i’m planning on getting either a dragon strand or zen habitats enclosure. i know the dragon strand comes with a drainage tray. can someone show me how it looks/works? does it slide out or do you need to lift the cage off to get to the water? and how do you make a drainage system for a zen habitats?


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DS cages... The cage sits on the drain pan. The easy drip tray has a screen that slides in the actual cage so you can lift the service door and lift up the screen if you do not place a plant in the middle. You would need to either put in a gravity drain or you would need to get a wet vac to vacuum out the water in the pan. I use a wet vac on mine.


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Either can essentially use the same system.
Either will need a drain pan. Here's one for less than $20.

Both come with solid PVC floors. You can either drill a few holes in the PVC floors, or replace with screen floors.

IDK if all the DS come with screen floors standard or not. Zen doesn't, but you can build one inexpensively with window screen parts from a home improvement store, or talk to Zen about a second screen top, which would slide into the bottom in lieu of the solid bottom.
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