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Hey guys, are you gunna be at the Daytona show this year? If so, can you guys bring a nice looking female xantholophus? I asked you guys last time to bring some commons to the Columbia show, but you guys didn't bring any. :(

Just wondering, cause I lost my female to bacterial pneumonia last week, I'd like to know I am getting a healthy cham. (The vet determined that the xantho I got from columbia was bred with the males she was with the whole time before the show and contracted BP from the conditions, suffice to say, she died about a month later.)

E-mail's not going through...So here.

"Hey guys,

Anyway, I don't think I'll be at the Atlanta show, I have to work that weekend but a buddy of mine is going to the Daytona show, he said he'd pick me up one, I preferred if it were one of your guys'. I went to the Columbia show, asked if you were gunna bring any commons, you said you would, guess you forgot. Do you guys have any photos of the Xantho's you have currently?

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