For all of you invertebrate fans...

never thought i would be saying this but those arachnids are beautiful still dont like bugs that need a shave thats creepy:eek:
Nice photography skills!!!

I am about as big of an Arachni-phob as they come...I'm talking cold sweating, shaking, weak kneed scared. Then I went to my second ever reptile show in Oct. and let a vendor put a tarantula on my arm (very briefly). I was shocked at how she felt. I don't know why but I imagined she would feel heavy and cold but instead she felt like velvet brushing lightly tapping my skin. I was so impressed that I got up the nerve to let her crawl on me again. Still doesn't make me want one nor do I want another one on me. The guy said she was his most docile creature so I figured why not.
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