foods for chams


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is it ok to give my female panther cham mango once in awhile?
as she seems to want it I have given her a small piece.
what fruits are ok to give her as a treat?


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Panther chams are insectavores they use the bugs to digest the food for them. Feed your live food the mango and she'll get it. "Yummy mango favored crickets"


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my veiled loves every fruit i have offered him except banana's. i think they are to mushy.


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there are many veild chameleons that will eat fruit and greens such as kale, mustard greens etc. I have seen many members talk about it as I do not have a veild. One fed hers strawberries and cucumbers. They also like to eat certain plants. there is a member whose cham loves to eat hibiscus flowers
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