Food, food, food


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Gutloaded Bugs!

Dubia Roaches
Horn Worms
Silk Worms

But crickets can be healthy too if you get yourself a good gutload! (you should gutload all your feeders)


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Not saying horns are not good feeders but they grow at such alarming rate they will be way too big too feed to a chameleon that size. They can double and triple in size in a matter of days!


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What are some healthy things that my 2-3 month old blue bar panther chameleon can eat?:p

Fruit flies
small silkworms (gutloaded)
small crickets (gutloaded)
roach nymphs (gutloaded)
small butterworms (gutloaded or not)
small stick insects (gutloaded)
occassionally small superworms or mealworms (gutloaded)
small terrestrial isopods (gutloaded)
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