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I was wondering what kind of flooring you guys have, maybe sand or soil of some sort, i did read that alot of people haven't put anything down but i have a hardboard base on my viv so wanted to put something down on top of it even if it was just chippings of some kind.

What do you think ?
When I made my cage, I found a nice patterned vinyl tile that looked like rock, and it was inexpensive. Also sealed all seams around the edges with aquarium sealer, you can buy it in caulk-gun size. Looks great and cleans up really nice.
I went to lowes and found a rubbermaid tote lid the fit almost perfectly on the bottom. I flipped it over and it work great. it is dished so it holds water from my dripper/mistings and its plastic/easy to clean. U could even put 2 smaller ones together to cover most of the floor.
I got some outdoor artificial turf and cut two pieces to the size of the cage bottom. Twice a week I pull it out and wash it in hot soapy water and let it dry in the sun. Since it is waterproof it will not rot or harbor fungual growth.
I got the suggestion from my vet. He said have wet paper towls in the cage can harbor and allow bacteria to grow on them.
I plant the bottoms of all my cages except for new arrivals/quarantines. The dirt soaks up excess water and it looks a lot better than a bare cage.
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