Flexariums?38-60 gallon.


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Hey guys.

Im getting another cage for my female.
Just want to know if a flexarium 38 gallon or a 60 gallon is ok for her.
Or are they both to small.
I noticed that Veiled females come in very different sizes, I saw a breeders cham it was about 3 quarters the size of a full grown male which is big.
So my female isnt big shes about a quarter the size of a full grown male.


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How old is she? If she's over six months or so i would go with one even bigger.
lllreptile.com has sizes all the way up to 260 gallon.
The bigger the cage the better- for a full grown chameleon.

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38 gallon wil be fine up to about 4 months..then your need a 100 gallon

notice its a 5 month old male yemen in a 100 gallon flexi..lots of space:)



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My female is full grown so I guess I will go bigger probably 100 the thing I hate about the only place I find flexariums (on the net) is they dont pur the dimensions they just say 38 gallons, good for aboreal lizards.

What are the dimensions for the 100 gallon?
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