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Discussion in 'The Lizard Lounge' started by CamoCritter, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. CamoCritter

    CamoCritter New Member

    1st post! :)

    Hi everyone,
    I was thinking of getting my first Chameleon(veiled)From FlChams.com Because they have some nice males,and overnight shipping in Florida(my location) is $15 less. Has anyone ever had experience ordering from them?,How is their service like?


    (PS;I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this under)
  2. Great!
    Mikes the man.
    I have 2 chameleons from him actually.
    I picked both of them up at local reptile shows.
    He went out of his way both times, and I have two great animals.
  3. CamoCritter

    CamoCritter New Member

    Thanks for the reply,those are stunning chameleons! :D


    This is Cinder.. Sire Infero of FlChams..mike was great


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  5. CamoCritter

    CamoCritter New Member

    Amazing,Im glad to hear good reviews.Should i order a 2month, or a 4,month veiled chameleon?I will be able to provide food for either,but there is about a $25 difference between the two.


    4 month would be the way to go if your just starting out..
  7. CamoCritter

    CamoCritter New Member

    I have no doubt now, thanks to this wonderfull communty,that Mike is a reliable source to purchase my new chameleon.

    ,There are many shifty places out there,that offer a fake testamonial page,to entice you to buy from them.and i am a little nervous about those due to dealing with a shifty buisness in the past.so i never trust them upon first sight.
  8. royden

    royden New Member

    This is Otto from FLChams. Mike has always been a great guy to communicate with. He always spent time with me on the phone. He's one of the best breeders out there.

  9. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Im shure there not fake because many or them are from people on this form...including Justin who posted pics of his translucent veiled's.



    im on there too!:p

  11. CamoCritter

    CamoCritter New Member

    Im sure that that testimonial page is not fake,I was just stating there are many others that are.(from experience).This is why i always get reviews before purchasing from an online dealer.:p
  12. gregdabender

    gregdabender New Member

    I got a female ambilobe from him about a month ago. Very fast shipping got her the next day. The animal was in perfect condition as well.
  13. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    You can't go wrong with Mike and FL Chams! Nearly all of my chameleons are from his stock, all beautiful, all healthy, and what I really like best is that he is willing to help when you have a problem, or IF you THINK you have a problem! I was a stressy new chameleon owner! :)
  14. fleetwoodchams

    fleetwoodchams New Member

    Mike is great.
    He gives you exactly what you pay for. He responds quickly to emails and was prompt with ship info.
    I have both a male and female I purchased from them and I couldn't be happier.
    The only company I ever had an issue with was Screamleons
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