flapneck egg laying

I have never had a flap lay eggs for me..but what I can tell you is that she needs somewhere appropriate to dig so that she can lay her eggs. If you don't provide her with a proper place to lay the eggs she could die eggbound. Don't let her see you watching her when she is digging or she will likely abandon the hole feeling its an unsafe place to lay the eggs.

What I do for other egglaying female chameleons is to put a container in the cage that, when empty she will fit into with a couple of inches of space on all sides. I fill it about 2/3rds full of washed sandbox sand. When the female digs in this container and is intent on laying the eggs, then I move her to a 65 liter rubbermaid container that I have put at least a bag of moist the washed playsand in. I add a branch for the female to climb up on. I cut a large part of the lid away and cover it with screen. I put the female in the container, put the lid back on and add a light over the top of the screened area. Don't forget that this container will warm up more than a cage, so don't make the bulb too big. The chameleon can be watered and fed in this container...but don't leave any uneaten insects in there or they may chew on the female or the eggs.

Let her bury the eggs and when she climbs back up into the branch, you can put her back in her cage and dig up the eggs.

If you need information on what to do with the eggs when you dig them up post again.

This site has some information about dilepis in it that might help depending on which species/subspecies it is...

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