Flap Necks

The males of flap necks (Chamaeleo dilepis) have higher casques and occipital lobes than females and have tarsal spurs behind each of the hind legs. However, the females of these species tend to be larger than males.

Here's a nice little link you can refer to:


Here's a journal article (don't know if it's been published yet) that talks about various Kenyan species and their basking behaviour. If anything, read the discussion that starts on the bottom of page 5. Hope the link works.

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thanks guys...... i bought 2 flaps and one had 50 eggs not sure if the other is a male or she was pregnant when i got her..... i know it takes roughly 30 days to lay the eggs but ive had her for a month and a half and she just laid eggs a week ago
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thats true and if offended i'm sorry. but back to the topic i want a flap neck cham so bad that i would wet my bed at night for a pair, but i'll probably order a pair for my bday in july!!!!
ohh and if the one laid eggs i'd bet my last dollar she might be a sexy lady. if they hatch hook a brother up i'll buy a couple off you dude.
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