flap-neck eggs


Necas' book mentions if using a constant then use 28C (82F) for dilepis. I'd wait to hear what others have used before trying that temp.
From my experience I have seen flapnecks hatch in two drastically different ways of incubation. I have been very successfull almost to 100 percent hatch rate at 78 degree incubation. I had someone give me a flapneck clutch one time that they put in vermiculite. The only catch was I think they added more water than vermiculite. It was actually more like MUD. The eggs looked like they were going to explode because they had absorbed so much moisture. They were almost clear. Anyways some hatched and were fine. I don't know many chameleon eggs that could have taken that kind of abuse. Besides that clutch the other clutches were perfect with no problems and hatched in 5 to 6 months at that temperature. Hope that helps! If you're room temp stays around 75 to 78 you will have no problem at all just putting them up in a closet in the correct amount of vermiculite to water and the correct container. I recommend a Rubbermaid shoe box with no holes. The lid is loose so air is able to get in.
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